Rehabs that can Treat Alcohol Addiction and Bipolar Disorder

Our around the clock addiction hotline is staffed with representatives who may be able to help you find a licensed treatment center that can address your alcoholism and bipolar disorder. Our team can verify your insurance and find an evidence based treatment center to suit your needs.

If you’re tired of abusing alcohol to manage your bipolar symptoms, make the call to us today. We’ll discuss your options and work to find a rehab that treats the root of your addiction.

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Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder

Here are some common symptoms of bipolar disorder:bipolar-disorder-symptoms

* Intense mood swings

* Trouble sleeping

* Periods of mania

* Periods of deep depression

* Racing thoughts

* Impulsive thoughts and actions

Struggling with bipolar disorder can feel quite daunting at times. It may feel like you’re out of control, creating an overwhelming feeling of frustration. Alcohol can be an alluring means of coping with bipolar symptoms, but isn’t an effective solution to any issue. Long-term effects can be detrimental, and may even make your bipolar symptoms worse.

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Treating Both Problems Together

alcohol-bipolar-disorder-treatmentIf you’re suffering from bipolar disorder and alcoholism, you have what mental health professionals call dual diagnosis, meaning two diagnoses. If you’re looking for help, it’s important that you seek an alcohol treatment facility that treats both the alcohol addiction, and the bipolar disorder. We’re here to do just that.

Attending an alcohol rehab that specializes in treating a dual diagnosis could help you address your alcoholism, as well as your bipolar symptoms. Don’t go it alone, let our partners’ licensed substance abuse professionals help you rise above your addiction. By attending a rehab for bipolar disorder, you can learn about medications and techniques that may help you regain control of your life.

Alcohol Rehab and Bipolar Disorder—Reach Out for Help Today

reach-out-for-helpIf you struggle with alcoholism and bipolar disorder, please seek help immediately. Self-medicating to attempt to feel better may only worsen your symptoms, and may cause you, and your loved ones pain.  It’s time to try a new recovery route, and get the help you need at an alcohol rehab that focuses on sobriety, and managing bipolar disorder.

It can be dangerous to use alcohol when you suffer from bipolar disorder. When under the influence of alcohol, whether you’re in a manic or depressive state, you can lose your sense of reason and do things that you later regret. You may have already experienced this. Seek help now by making the call. It may not be easy, but it can be worth it. We can help get the ball rolling for you. Reach out for help today.