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There are many people who suffer with intense anxiety that drink alcohol in order to cope. They report that having a couple of drinks eases their anxiety and helps them to become more social. While this may be true for them, many of these people tend to become dependent on drinking in order to socialize, causing them to have to contend with two issues: alcoholism and the anxiety that caused it.

Perhaps you’ve come to the conclusion that you struggle with both intense anxiety and alcoholism. Have you tried to stop drinking time and time again, but find yourself reaching for more? Are you tired of battling these things by yourself? There’s good news, help is available. Our hotline is designed to help you understand your treatment options.

If you’re concerned about whether your insurance will cover rehabilitation, we have Insurance Specialists that can help you find the most cost-effective solution.

You don’t have to go on struggling with addiction and anxiety. We pride ourselves in helping you get the treatment that you need in order to address substance abuse and any anxiety disorders.

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Symptoms of Anxiety Disorder

If you’re suffering from anxiety disorder, you may be experiencing:anxiety-symptoms

* Intense anxiety

* Restlessness

* Worry

* Racing thoughts

* Trouble sleeping

* Inability to focus

* Heart palpitations

* Panic attacks

When you suffer from an anxiety disorder, you may feel like you’re not safe and your life is getting out of control. It can be quite frightening and oftentimes people drink in order to calm their nerves or to feel like they can socialize better. However, drinking alcohol is not the solution to easing anxiety, as it could exacerbate any issues related to the anxiety disorder.

Alcoholism Combined With Anxiety Disorders

Alcohol is oftentimes used by those who struggle with anxiety disorders in an attempt to contend with symptoms like excessive worry, fear, or restlessness. While it may seem as if they are getting some relief from the anxiety, combining alcohol and anxiety ultimately does more damage than good. Using a drug such as alcohol in order to try to manage anxiety symptoms can become a habit that causes pain for both the individual and their loved ones. The speculation that alcohol is liquid courage that can take care of anxiety issues is simply not true. In fact, drinking often makes symptoms of anxiety worse and can even lead one into depression.

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Dual Diagnosis Treats Both Problems – Alcohol and Anxiety

dual-diagnosisWhen you struggle with a substance abuse problem, such as alcoholism, and a mental health condition, such as anxiety, mental health professionals call this a dual diagnosis, meaning two diagnoses. It is important that when seeking treatment, you look for a facility that offers a treatment plan for a dual diagnosis of alcohol abuse and anxiety. Fortunately, we’re here to help you in your search for dual diagnosis alcohol and anxiety rehabs, so you can be treated for both problems at the same time. After all, treating just the alcoholism without paying much attention to the anxiety condition may only help you for a small while.

Alcohol Rehab and Anxiety

Abusing alcohol while suffering from an anxiety disorder could cause immense pain and could also be dangerous. The cycle of feeling anxious and trying to self-medicate by drinking can cause symptoms to get worse. It is important that you seek help as soon as possible. Take your first step toward recovery by giving us a call today.