Immediate Placement Often Available

Immediate Placement for Detox Centers for Drug Rehab or Alcohol Rehab

Once you’ve decided to get addiction treatment, it’s important to begin the process as quickly as possible. That initial commitment can be difficult to hang on to, even when your resolve is strong. Even waiting a day can be too long for some.

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We are Available 24 Hours a Day to Help You Get Into Addiction Treatment


immediate-placementDue to the sense of urgency, Addiction to Sobriety offers potential same-day placement. We pride ourselves in being able to get our clients into recovery quickly, upon availability. We’ll perform an preliminary intake review over the phone when you call. This allows us to immediately begin working to find a treatment facility that meets your needs. We also verify your insurance to find treatment you can afford.

Many addiction recovery services have trouble with late night or weekend calls. That’s no problem for us. Our staff representatives at Addiction to Sobriety are available 24/7. We have worked hard to streamline our intake and placement procedures, as well as our insurance verification process.

Why Is Immediate Placement Important

immediate-placementThere is no getting around the fact that initial commitments to recovery are fragile. If you are serious about getting clean and sober, you need to make the decision and act. You don’t want to act rashly, but you also don’t want to give your disease time to talk you out of it.

We have people every day that call us ready for rehab – and then never show up because they give into “one last hit.” And that turns into a bender.

The sooner you can start, the less chance there is for a relapse. People that know they are going to rehab, but not for a few days, can often find themselves in a dangerous position. Some people feel the urge to use for one last big party can be intense. What else is there to do before making a large life change? And this state of limbo can cause you more trouble than just missing your spot in rehab.

We Can Help with Your Transition into Addiction Treatment


Potential Same Day Placement Won’t Leave You Hanging

same-day-admissionsIf you need rehab for alcohol or drug addiction, we will get you into recovery as fast as possible. Often placement can happen in the same day. While you are in that fragile state our representatives can be a great help. They understand addiction. Many of them have lived it. They will call and talk to you as often as you want to ensure your commitment to recovery is intact.

It can be lonely out there. Isn’t it time to come in from the cold?

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