We Will Find the Right Rehab Facility for You

We work with a group of licensed treatment providers nationwide. Whether you choose to receive rehab close to home, or travel to a facility out of state, we may be able to make getting into treatment easier. Our partner facilities offer a full continuum of care, and can help you or your loved ones achieve recovery.

View our gallery of potential housing options and rehab centers below. Live comfortably while you heal. Contact us to speak with a representative to start the recovery process.

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Comfortable Rehab Close to Home

If you have a strong support system already in place, you may not want to leave it behind to seek treatment. Many people find having their family and friends close-by comforting, even when they’re in an inpatient facility. Others may feel that travel is too difficult, or causes too much anxiety. Wherever you live, our partner facilities can provide treatment options close to home.

Rehab Centers

A Change of Pace Can Make All the Difference

While some people find being near home comforting, others may find it distracting. You may be afraid that being near the people and places that are familiar could lead to relapse. Or, you may be too worried about what’s going on with family and friends to focus on your recovery. In other cases, you may find that staying close to home limits the treatment plans available to you. If you prefer to travel to one of our out-of-state facilities, we can help make that process as smooth as possible.

Get Treatment in a Safe and Comfortable Environment


Imagine looking out your window when you wake up each morning, and seeing the ocean. If you choose to enter one of our beach rehab facilities, this could be your reality. You’ll be able to relax in a soothing environment. Connecting with nature and fresh air can be a clinically useful component of addiction treatment.


Or maybe you’ve had enough tough love and need to be focused on yourself. Our comfortable rehabs may be just the thing. Here you’ll have access to options such as fitness and yoga classes to help you relax and focus while you recover. Addiction treatment doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. Our licensed rehab facilities let you reclaim your life in style.