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by George Clifton on Addiction to Sobriety
Saved My Life

After my wife, Mary died I fell into a deep depression which led me to drink heavily. I was trying to forget and disguise my loneliness with alcohol. The drinking spiraled out of control; I alienated my friends and family and as each day passed it became harder and harder to find my way back. I called Addiction to Sobriety after my children cried out to me that they felt that they had lost their mother AND father the day my wife died. Addiction to Sobriety saved my life. They were able to place me into a rehab right away and I learned how to cope with my loss without having to drink. I am so thankful that I am now able to be there for my children.

by Derrick on Addiction to Sobriety
Good Program, Great Recovery

Addiction to Sobriety got me the help I needed. They worked hard on my behalf to get me set up with a top-notch recovery program. I whined up traveling to CA to receive treatment. At first, I was sceptical about leaving my small town. But as only time tells it turned out being the best decision for getting sober. Today I'm grateful to have my family back and my life back!

by Mother of a Recovered Addict on Addiction to Sobriety
Thank You for Helping my Daughter Get & Stay Clean!

My Daughter had gone to rehab 4 times before she finally got the right help to break her 3-month relapse cycle. I give the representatives at Addiction to Sobriety tons of credit for helping my daughter find and get into the appropriate facility for her drug addiction. They didn't just shuffle her into an open bed at a random center (like other companies did in the past). They took the time to understand some of her underlying issues that caused her to use. After they put togeather a more clear picture of what my daughter's addiction and triggers looked like they developed a plan, specific to her and matched her up with the appropriate program. I am beyond grateful that she has managed to get 5 months clean! Thanks, Addiction to Sobriety for helping my daughter get & stay clean!

by Cassidy on Addiction to Sobriety
Thank You

This is a wonderful place! The people are caring and compassionate. I was really shocked at how comfortable they made me feel, it was like I was talking to a good friend. I received straight answers and got good suggestions. Thanks! - God Bless!

Fantastic Service

I called Addiction to sobriety because I had been struggling with alcohol for quite some time. I got suspended from work and needed to get help ASAP. The people at Addiction to Sobriety are no joke. They were able to get me help and on my way to treatment within 24 hours of my initial call. Astonishing service, thanks to everyone who put in the extra effort to get me help right away!

by Amanda Lewis on Addiction to Sobriety
Gave Me My Life Back

I became addicted to painkillers after having neck surgery. The pain was so severe that I became dependent on the pills. I went from being a normal, fun-loving college student to someone that stole from her parents and grandparents. My dad called Addiction to Sobriety and they were able to get me the help I needed to beat my addiction. I am now 54 days sober and feeling hopeful about my future again.

Best Call of My Life

My life before calling Addiction to Sobriety was miserable, I was broken and at
the edge. I was practically homeless; I was living out of my work truck. My family wouldn't talk to me, except to give me the number for Addiction to Sobriety. Until I wanted to help myself no one could tell me anything. My Addiction to Sobriety representative was fantastic! She gave me a complete phone interview so I knew exactly where I was going for treatment. She asked very intent questions, she genuinely cared about me. I can still hear the sincerity in her voice. The types of therapy that were provided for me was like nothing I'd ever experienced before. The call I made to ATS is the best one I've ever made in my life!

My New Life Started Here

I was in active addiction for 7 years. My life was spinning out of control, I was miserable. I had finally reached my self-inflicted threshold, (which I later learned was also my bottom). I knew I was in desperate need of help. So I called Addiction to Sobriety. The people on the other end ROCK! I wasn't judged or belittled I was treated with dignity, respect, and spoken to as a person who is asking for help. They made it simple for me, they asked some medical questions and got to know what I was struggling with. Then they found me a wonderful treatment program and guided me right up to the door. Today I count my blessing, and boy calling Addiction to Sobriety is one of the biggest blessings in my life!