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The Reasons You Should Be Excited For Detox

If you’re struggling with any sort of substance abuse issue, alcohol or opiate detox is often the first step in getting better. For those who have never been to detox before, you might be scared of what it entails. Both opiate and alcohol withdrawal are troublesome ordeals – something you know about if you’ve tried to cut down on these substances on your own. Opioid withdrawal can start just 12 hours after your last dose, while alcohol withdrawal can start as early as eight hours after your last drink.

However, just because withdrawal is a little scary, doesn’t mean that detox should be. Don’t let you fears get the best of you. See how getting drug and alcohol treatment in the form of detox can save your life.

Detox Will Minimize Your Withdrawal Symptoms

Remember those nasty withdrawal symptoms you’re worried about? Luckily, going to detox will minimize them. You won’t have to worry about the intense body cramps, nausea, diarrhea, or other problems, as a full team of medical professionals will make sure you’re as comfortable as possible.

Through the use of various medications and other interventions, medical staff can reduce complications such as tremors, seizures, sweats, depression, headaches, and anxiety. Certainly, the experience won’t be pleasant, but it will be far better than trying to go cold turkey on your own.

Detox Will Monitor for Serious Complications

While opioid withdrawal isn’t life-threatening, alcohol withdrawal can come with a few serious complications. One of these complications is delirium tremens, which can cause severe agitation and confusion, seizures, fever, and hallucinations. In some people, it even causes death, which is why it’s so vital to go to detox if you suffer from alcohol abuse.

If you do develop delirium tremens, doctors will give you fluids and medicines through IVs to keep your body stable. They might also put you into a sedated state to ease your suffering until the worst has past.

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Detox Doesn’t Have to Happen in a Hospital

Maybe your fear of detox stems from spending time in a hospital. That’s a legitimate fear, but it’s not one you have to worry about. Detox can take place in a number of settings, including outpatient opiate rehab or inpatient clinics. If the sterile white walls, foreboding medical equipment, and thought of sick people being all around you is too much, these are great alternatives.

Many inpatient and outpatient rehab detox programs purposely make their spaces as different from hospitals as possible. They’ll design rooms with warm, inviting walls and cozy décor to help you feel like you’re simply recovering at home.

Detox Prevents Relapse

During withdrawal, you’ll experience intense cravings for your drug of choice, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. If you’re detoxing at home, you might be so desperate for the craving to go away that you take a huge dose of your abused substance. Often, this leads to overdose, as you’ll try to take too much at one time.

Even if you make it through withdrawal without overdosing, you’ll still be at risk for relapsing when the symptoms mostly fade. Drug cravings can come back at any time. After detox, you’ll be sent directly into a treatment program that will help you manage these cravings in a way that promotes long-term sobriety.

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