What to Bring to Treatment and What to Leave at Home

Congratulations, you have taken an important step toward recovery – committing yourself to a course of treatment. Now it’s time to plan the details, arrange for your stay, and pack your bags. Of course, the facilities we work with all want you to feel comfortable and have whatever you may need during treatment.

Each drug or alcohol rehab will have its own particular list, but there is a lot of crossover and common elements between accredited facilities, especially those we work with. Some items are universally permitted, others depend on which facility you attend, and some are prohibited from every alcohol or drug rehab. If you have a question, be sure to call the facility – the staff will be happy to instruct you.

As in every trip, try to create a happy medium. You want to be comfortable and have everything you need, but at the same time, accommodations at facilities can be generous, so you don’t want to have too much on your hands. When you arrive, expect an inspection of your bags. This is merely a procedure that ensures safety for you and your fellow patients and is a part of the admission process. If any prohibited items are in your possession, the facility will likely store them for you during your stay.

Common Items You Might Want In Rehab

•Names, addresses, and phone numbers of people you may want to contact

•Identity documents

•Wedding rings, watches, small jewelry you wear daily

•An alarm clock

•Some cash in small bills

•Credit card, debit cards, or checks

•Insurance cards



•Pictures of your loved ones

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Bear in mind that laundry facilities are available, so there is no need to bring more than one week’s supply of comfortable clothes that are safe in the washer and dryer. You don’t want to bother with clothing that requires dry cleaning or ironing. Find out in advance if the facility has a suggested dress code, and remember that layering is best since air-conditioning and heating might make you uncomfortable. The facilities we work with are located in Florida, Arizona, and California, so dress for warm weather, warmer than you may be used to. This includes:







·Shoes (everyday comfortable pair or two, sneakers for activities, sandals for the shower/pool)

·Shorts (watch out for the appropriate length for the dress code)

·A dressy outfit for special occasions

·A bathing suit (one piece for women, trunks for men)

·Coat or jacket

·Pajama and bathrobe


·Hats for outdoor use

Personal Hygiene

Nearly all rehabs, especially accredited facilities, require alcohol-free products and request that you don’t bring aerosols. Pack enough for thirty days. They generally give you access to shopping or even have their own stores if you need to purchase additional items, but be smart and bring your own supply of the following as well:






·Feminine hygiene products

·Shaving cream

·Disposable razors or electric razor – some centers prohibit disposables razors, verify in advance




·All prescription drugs must remain in their original containers. If they are liquids, they should be new and sealed.

·Over-the-counter medications must be in unopened, sealed containers.

·The staff will require a list of all your medications and dosages.

·Some facilities allow vitamins and supplements – but only in sealed new containers.

Items You Need to Get Permission for

It is best to check with your facility regarding these items since some rehabs allow them and some don’t, depending on your program.

•Cell phone



•CD players


•Nail clippers

•Pillows and other beddings


Please Leave These Items At Home!

Some rehabs are stricter than others, but these items are usually forbidden:




•Electronic cigarettes

•Narcotics and other prohibited prescriptions

•Outside food and drinks

•Toiletries and beauty products that contain alcohol

•OTC medications that have been opened

•Nail polish and polish remover

•Revealing clothing


•Cleaning supplies, other than laundry detergent

•Electronics (televisions, video games)


•Clothing with inappropriate words or images

Welcome to Your Recovery

Please remember that your goals as you are coming to the drug rehab are pursuing recovery and breaking free from addiction. Try not to stress over the preparations and the packing; they are not as important as getting addiction help. If you accidentally bring something you shouldn’t or forget something you need, the staff will help. We are always available to put you in touch with staff of your attending facility.

Are You Struggling With Recovery? Call Our 24 Hour Addiction Hotline: 877-630-8282

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